Thymuskin | Web design & product photography

Client: Thymuskin
Year: 2021
Services provided: web design, product photography

For more than 30 years, Thymuskin® has been successfully used to fight against thinning hair and
was used to not only nourish, reinforce, and strengthen the hair, but also provide essential
nutrients for general hair care, all leading to noticeably thicker hair.


Web design

The task was to create minimalistic e-shop, that would have clear navigation and all the needed
information about the product. Product is treated as a medicine rather than beauty product. That is
why it was important to have less of a ‘beauty’ message, and communicate ‘pharmacy’ vibe.

Product photography 

Visual content sells. It is important to have complimentary product photography in web design. These pictures where used in inner pages as covers, thus in homepage as main pictures.

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