Client: RM Tools
Year: 2020 – present
Services provided: product packaging

Specialist+ is one of the biggest construction tools suppliers in the Baltics. They sell amazing tools that suit amateurs to professionals in the construction world. However, their product on shelves didn’t communicate that.

The aim of the project: to rebrand old Specialist+ packages with integral design across all kinds of different products.


– The old design was very similar to competitors product package;
– The design didn’t represent 3 different quality product lines;
– The package was not unique and eye-catching on store shelves.


Target audience

Pitching product

Smart grid structure

There are tons of drills, and sometimes the only thing that makes a difference can be a tiny number. That is why this design is made to highlight the needed info by icons and typography so that the customer would easily spot the needed product amongst a variety of similar tools on shelves.

In retail, the package must sell. We incorporated selling point icons that communicate why each product is amazing. Looking for a fine cut, 1,6 mm thickness diamond drill? Just look at a few icons and you will know which product to get!

It doesn’t matter whether you take a drill or a disc: you will know that the material icon will be on the left down corner. There is no need to spend time rolling the product in your hands and figuring out where materials or the diameter is on this product.


Integral design

In addition to that, we took the extra mile and made packages Brand Book, so every new drill, disc, or any other product could be easily packaged with a new design.



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