Senukai. Christmas catalog | PHOTO 

Client: Kesko Senukai
Year: 2020
Services provided: photo & video

Kesko Senukai is a group of companies which runs the largest retail chain of do-it-yourself (abbr. DIY), house building, home repairing and improvement stores in the Baltics.

Christmas catalog

Visual content sells. That is why every seller should include it in their catalogs. We mean not only black or white background soulless product photography. We are talking about bold pictures that make you FEEL. This Christmas shoot was one of this kind.


Shooting a Christmas tree with lights might look easy, but it is damn hard to find a perfect balance to make it look badass. Pictures varied from Christmas decorations to presents that you can give for your beloved ones. Drills, hammers, games, bedding, and more or less anything you can find at SENUKAI and buy as a gift been in the photoshoot.


SENUKAI released 4 catalogs that were accessible in all the shops across the country and they had a variety of ORLOV Visual agency photos. Two of them even made the cover!

Lesson learned

– The team is everything! Kudos to our new friends, partners and stylists – Laura & Olesia. Working with them was a pleasure!
– When there is no possibility to use a pro studio, we can make a temporary one even in a tiny office;
– Christmas season production has a strict deadline – you can’t postpone it. Working under time pressure is starting to be casual for us.

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