MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre | Wayfinding Terminal

Year: 2018​​​​​​​
Services provided: wayfinding (info) terminal

MEGA is a 102.000 m² shopping mall located in the heart of Lithuania with more than 200 shops inside. Thus there is a variety of restaurants and cafes, cinema, bowling, sport club, and many other activities for customers to do.

Orientating in big shopping malls can be tricky. That is why we had a task to create a wayfinding terminal user interface that is easy and quick to use. What was our participation in this project?

– UI design while following the original client brand book;
– Creating a navigation map.
– System development;

There is no way, anyone can get lost in MEGA shopping mall now!

Backstage aka. lesson learned

– Back in the days, custom way-finding terminals were not in every shopping mall. Challenging, yet rewarding feeling to provide a solution for a client when others couldn’t;  
– Not knowing all the answers is okay. Just keep hustling until you will find a solution.  

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