Grans Spa Lietuva | PHOTO & VIDEO

Client: Grand SPA Lietuva
Year: 2023
Services provided: photography, videography

Grand SPA Lietuva is the largest health and wellness center, located in the very heart of Druskininkai resort. This center provides various services: accommodation, catering, treatment, water entertainment, and organization of conferences and events.

We partnered up and had the absolute pleasure of capturing the true essence of Grand SPA Lietuva. Glimmering pool water, moody and steamy saunas, bubbling and splashing hot baths… Let’s translate that to a photographer’s language – humidity, condensation, ever-changing lighting conditions, and limited space. Sounds challenging, right? Well, not to us! We have a fair share of experience photographing in such conditions, just give us a chance to shoot and we will do it!

On our four-day photography expedition, we captured not only the aqua-park and treatment procedures but also the huge entertainment zone for kids and all the accommodations that Grand SPA Lietuva has to offer. Check out the results!


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