Client: Bioenergy LT
Year: 2021
Services provided: product label design, web design, catalogue design

Bioenergy LT is the largest innovative biotechnology company in Northern Europe in terms of production capacity. With the help of advanced production technologies, it develops and manufactures microbiological products for the optimisation of plant nutrition and restoration of natural soil fertility. The microorganisms in the products occur naturally in nature and are not genetically modified. 

Labels design

There were 12 products and each had 4 sizes of capacity. The challenge was to create an integral look throughout different products. We created a pattern that influenced the whole new Bioenergy LT visual look. Further, it was used in web design, catalog, and presentations. 

Catalogue design

This catalog had to serve as a working tool for agronomists. It had to be a comfortable size and have all the needed information easily understandable. Loads of illustrations and visual diagrams to show the needed information. 

Web design

Where do you show your brand new product look? Right! You make a new website to show it to the whole world. Since Bioenergy LT is an international company, we needed to have a multi-language website with an interactive map that shows the export roads. Check it out live at

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