Stihl 360° product photography

  • Klientas: Mocevičiaus firma Ginalas
  • What we've done: 360° photography
  • Hot-spots programming
  • Retouching

Stihl 360° products photography

“Moceviciaus company Ginalas” – are STIHL and VIKING products distributors in Lithuania. STIHL is the timestamp for high quality innovative products.
360 ° photography is an innovative and extremely high-quality photography that allows the user to view products from all sides. The hot-spots active display areas let customers see detailed product features. This way significantly increases the sales of products in the online environment and reduces the amount of returned products. Special attention has been given to this project ensuring that result of the photography is the greatest quality even for the complex products.


Accumulator powered equipment line (turn image on screen)


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